Pahan kukat (2016) Finland
Pahan kukat Image Cover
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Director:Antti Jokinen
Studio:Solar Films
Writer:Antti Jokinen
Date Added:2018-09-04
Genre:Crime, Drama
Picture Format:Anamorphic Widescreen
Aspect Ratio:2.35:1
Sound:DTS HD 5.1
Antti Jokinen  ...  (Director)
Antti Jokinen  ...  (Writer)
Juno  ...  Juno (as Jon Korhonen-Hurmerinta)
Viljami Nojonen  ...  Sipe
Eero Aho  ...  Arttu
Alma Pöysti  ...  Laura
Diana Tenkorang  ...  Alma
Mikael Gabriel  ...  Maz
Joni Alhonen  ...  Makkonen
Deogracias Masomi  ...  Tsidi
Freddie Sukura  ...  Freddi
Vilma Sippola  ...  Sipe's girlfriend
Markku Maalismaa  ...  Harju
Pentti Loikkanen  ...  Harju's friend
Teemu Potapoff  ...  Stydi
Krista Kosonen  ...  Opettaja
Tommi Korpela  ...  Koski
Summary: Breathing with the rhythm of street music, Flowers of Evil is an edgy, topical and ragged story of a family trying to survive the pressures of restlessness. The main character Sipe, 14, has a touching relationship with his stepbrother Juno and his family, which is the main focus of our story. The threat is continuously simmering, until the unrest breaks out into a riot - with fatal results. Flowers of Evil is a social commentary on the problems of suburban life in Helsinki. Two young brothers struggle with life on a powder keg housing estate. One chooses punk rock and education, the other crime and confrontation. Caught in the middle and torn both ways, their father tries to hold the family together. But miscalculated actions and police overreaction light the fuse and a typically long, hot, Finnish summer explodes as frustration and despair finally boil over.