Eddie Izzard Live Stripped (2009) United Kingdom
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Studio:Universal Pictures UK
Writer:Eddie Izzard
Rating:3.5 (32 votes)
Rated:Suitable for 15 years and over
Date Added:2009-12-29
Purchased At:play.com
Purchased On:2009-12-29
Picture Format:Anamorphic Widescreen
Aspect Ratio:1.78:1
Sound:Dolby Digital 2.0
Summary: Like many of the other reviewers here I too had seen in London Eddie perform live around the time this was filmed. I had seen (as remarkable as it will sound) very little of his work prior to the live event. I was hugely and pleasantly surprised at how wonderful his flavor of stand up is. On the night I spent about two hours laughing my self silly, to say the show was a hit for me would be a huge understatement.

We decided to purchase this DVD as for the next year we were quoting and still laughing at bits of the show and expected to relive all the bits we might have forgotten.... Then we played the DVD, so much was missing from what we saw, not just entire gags but entire sections. We laughed of course when we were watching it (not as much as we did the first time but that's comedy eh?) but when it ended we sat there and spent ten minutes saying how about the bit when? or what happened to?

So all of this is not relevant if you are going to buy this having not seen the live show but if you have you might be wondering when some of the very funny stuff went. I have watched since then most of Izzard's earlier stand up and while this is very funny its not as good (in the DVD form) as say Dressed to Kill. I do wonder if I had not seen it live if I might have ended up enjoying this more?

So not a full review from me but a slight warning for those that were lucky enough to see this live late last year in the small venue in the West End or on tour that it might not be quite what you were expecting.